Case Study

Juniper Networks

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We helped Juniper devise and execute a big picture design and research strategy for improving their product offerings.


Juniper came to us when their UX team was first getting off the ground. They sought our help in improving existing products, and developing a new interaction and visual design framework for unifying their suite of networking tools going forward.


Over the course of 9 months, our team applied a variety of research and design methods to improving the overall Juniper user experience.

First, we conducted heuristic evaluations of two of Juniper's products to assess how they could be improved through small and large scale redesigns. Altogether we identified over 250 issues and corresponding solutions across both products. Based on the evaluation, we provided a number of design solutions for improving the product.

We also designed a number of new features for existing Juniper products, including a setup wizard, a reporting platform for creating and drilling into sets of data, an alerts and notifications system, and a customizable dashboard for monitoring system performance and activity. Deliverables included wireframes, flow diagrams, prototypes, and detailed high fidelity mockups.

In parallel, our visual designer created visual concepts to communicate a more clean and modern look and feel. We applied the new style to our wireframes as they reached a higher fidelity stage of development.

Last, we collaborated with Juniper's UX team to develop an entirely new UI pattern library from the ground up for their next generation product suite. The library provided detailed guidelines and specifications for how 33 key UI elements - from wizards, to forms, to accordions - should look and behave.


Our engagement with Juniper's UX team proved to be instrumental in improving their current product offerings, and building a foundation for successful product development going forward. Our work has set the stage for a future generation of more unified, user-centered, and beautiful products.

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