Case Study

Hoopla Admin Redesign

  • Visual Design
  • UI Specification
  • Concept Designs

A redesign of the Hoopla admin panel – the control panel portion of a SalesForce app that motivates salespeople.


Our Initial project was to create a heuristic review of Hoopla's admin site. The Heuristic document found many significant issues that included hiding information from the user, a system that was to complex for the majority of users to understand, and a


A comprehensive re-design occurred, and the admin was completely altered to improve usability and allow a user to manage large numbers of Hoopla players and easily create channels. The new interface moved away from a ‘database' model and to a more use


Using traditional heuristics (e.g., visibility, discoverability, navigation, and information hierarchy) along with our experience across a wide breadth of products and domains, we recommended several flow changes for the Hoopla Admin.

After establishing

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