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GraphDive User Experience

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Visualizing big data for any experience


At the time GraphDive came to us, they were developing a new web platform that transforms data into useful demographic-based marketing insights for businesses. They wanted us to design the product from the ground up, while working closely with their product and engineering teams.


To kick things off, we conducted user research with target customers, and used our findings to create a persona, Todd. Todd was strategically designed to address both business and user needs, and to serve as a reference point for future decision-making. We generated and prioritized key use cases according to Todd's goals and needs.

In a matter of weeks, we then moved through multiple stages of design. We started with high level concepts, narrowed them down based on the UX and technical requirements, created medium-fidelity wireframes, and ran a quick UX study with an interactive prototype. As a result, the team could make confident and informed decisions about the product's design direction.

Our visual design work started with creating a word map and mood board to set the overall tone. We then mocked up couple screen variations that had different styles. After choosing one direction, we applied the style to final mocks. We ultimately delivered a full set of screens detailing key interactive and visual elements.


Our work proved to be successful in not only defining a new product experience, but also guiding the GraphDive team through each stage of the design process, as a way of helping them continue product development in the future.

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