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We worked with the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) board to gain insight into what makes a positive transit riding experience.


BART and AC Transit had thousands of data points from their survey teams on the “rider experience”, but needed help sorting the wheat from the chaff.dddddddghfthrfhrtty

It's the seams that matter: connection points between systems are most likely to produce friction and degrade the rider experience.


Data without context is really hard to interpret, so we proposed the following: a multi-month user research activity focused on in-person ride-a-longs to add a human perspective to the rider experience challenge.



As it turns out, BART and AC Transit riders are a tolerant, resilient bunch. Dozens of user experience issues were identified and observed over the many ride-a-longs, and it would have been easy to conclude that riding BART and AC Transit is an

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