This was August at EchoUser

What were the EchoUsers up to this August?

In August at EchoUser ...
  • Visited 11 states (New York, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania) and Canada
  • Hiked at Zion National Park in Utah, Crater Lake in Oregon, the Grand Canyon of Tuolumne in California, Lake Louise in Canada, Mt. Evans in Colorado, and many local trails
  • IMG_20140813_143326
  • Stood up for the first time on surfboards and wakeboards
  • Adopted puppies and took cats to a party in the park
  • 10532763_979310307161_1157132708380755026_n
  • Explored secret swimming holes
  • Climbed peaks in forests, ziplined through the redwoods, and jumped dunes
  • And — contrary to this list! — enjoyed plenty of relaxation and well-earned naps
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